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All my true-crime fans most likely know what UIDs are so, I won’t go down the rabbit hole, but I’ll give the basics for those who might not know. Unidentified deceased or UIDs, not a very glamorous term, right? Unfortunately, it’s not a glamorous definition, either. Unidentified deceased(UIDs) are individuals who have died with no name, no identity, and, therefore, no voice. You’re probably more familiar with the terms, Jane or John Doe. 

 Let’s start with a few numbers, shall we? There are an estimated 4,400 UID cases a year in the U.S., with at least 1,000 of these cases left unsolved. There are 901 open UID cases in Florida alone, and we will concentrate on them. (Not too many numbers, right?) 


So, They Always Move to Florida is introducing Florida’s Unknown, a new feature showcasing many of these open UID cases. So, readers, I’m asking for your help. We need to share these profiles and create some attention for these unnamed souls. It’s time they go home, and I hope we can help get them there.


*Just a quick note – I wrote that I wasn’t going too far down the rabbit hole with explaining UIDs, and I didn’t. However, if there is sufficient interest, I will do a deep dive into history, methods, databases, etc.


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