The 5 W's of They Always Move to Florida


On my About page, I wrote that I want to entertain you. I hope I do with wild and crazy stories of Florida Man, Florida Woman, and countless other colorful citizens (including animals) we have here. But what I really want is to shine a light on the numerous cold cases we have here in Florida. (I know other states have countless cold cases too, but I had to start somewhere, or the sheer volume would overwhelm me.) I want to bring attention to missing persons, unidentified Jane and John Does, unsolved homicides, sexual assaults, etc. I write these stories for the victims and their families with respect, transparency, honesty, but most of all, with hope. Hope that we (yes we, y’all in this with me) can help find answers and get some justice. Here comes the disclaimer, I am not a professional…anything (well maybe a professional student). Meaning, I am not law enforcement or a journalist. I will most likely make mistakes, give me a chance, I’ll learn from them. I do promise my writings will be objective, respectful, and well truthful. And now…


The WHO. 

This is the part where I’m supposed to talk about myself, and you would think that’s easy, but it’s not. How comfortable am I with sharing my life? How personal do I get? How vulnerable am I going to allow myself to be with you, my readers? Honestly, I don’t know yet.   

Hey, I’m a true-crime fan, so I’m a bit more cautious(paranoid) about things. 


Florida! I was born and raised here, and I love my home state, most of the time. I know, and you know that there is some crazy bleep that happens down here. Some times the bleep is funny, and other times, it’s infuriating and embarrassing. All my stories will be based here in the Sunshine State. Once in a while, I may venture out of state or cover a unique topic, i.e., Genetic Genealogy Familial DNA.


I’ve watched (and read) true-crime stories since City Confidential, Cold Case Files, and of course, Forensic Files. My mom did too; it was a subject we could discuss, agree, or disagree, without hanging up angry and frustrated, (like we usually did w/ politics or religion.) My mom died, May of last year (2019), and I miss her. She always wanted me to go into criminalistics or forensics, and I guess this blog is my way honoring that wish and her. I hope I make you proud, Mom.  

Also, I realize there are a lot of us true-crime fans out here and we don’t want to just be passive listeners, readers. We want to help, in whatever way we can. This blog is my way of helping. I want to bring attention to those victims and their families that have been, forgotten, lost, or just not cared about. My hope is, by sharing these stories with you, my readers, we can combine our efforts and solve some of these cases.


The answer is two-fold. Simply put, I will cover past and present cases. As we all know, the older or “colder” the case, the less attention it receives, and its less likely to be solved. I want to spotlight these cold cases and bring recognition for current cases in hopes that they are resolved more quickly.

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